What is the first thing you can see in this picture? The result will reveal something about your relationship weaknesses

Can you tell what your biggest weaknesses in relationships are? The test that we offer you today will make you discover something more about your way of relating to others in love and will tell you what are the weaknesses of each of you depending on the result.

Like all psychological tests, the most important thing is to answer sincerely without delaying too much but above all to really say the first thing that comes to mind, looking at the image.

The image you see is like an optical illusion and will let you know about your main flaws in relationships. What are the main obstacles you encounter in a relationship? What are your worst flaws in love? And what shortcomings do you have in a two-person relationship? All the answers can be found in this psychological test that tells you something more about your limits in love.

Let’s begin! Look at the picture and memorize the first figure you see.

The different meanings of the image

Mother and child

If you have seen first of all the mother and the child then you are people who give priority to the family, which comes before everything else. In this you are very traditionalists and anyone who does not think like you and indeed tends to put the family aside then is not the right person and many conflicts can arise.

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You are what you are also thanks to the family, the family unit that formed you has made your identity. You are strong thanks to your family who always have your back. But remember that in a two-person relationship, the other person must also be a priority or you will risk losing them.

A male face

If you have seen the male face then you are people who are much more comfortable observing the relationships of others from a distance, because you are shy people and tend to be afraid of rejection. You are not people who open easily even if you are very sensitive, but those around you know it well, it takes a long time to conquer you, break the armor and access your heart.

You are very good at keeping your distance and this often intimidates others. When you are ready to love, however, the armor you have created collapses in five minutes.

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A figure who collects fruit from the tree

If the first image that caught your eye is that of an unidentified figure harvesting the fruit from the tree, then you are a very dedicated and very ambitious person.

You have always known what you want to do with your life and your goals have always been clear. Nothing and no one can distract you from what you want to do and this thing at first can certainly be a strength but at the same time in the long run it could be a problem for those around you. Remember, therefore, that focusing too much on your work could alienate friends and loved ones.


If you have seen the birds first then it means that you are dreamers who often have your head in the clouds, you transcend the real and always bring yourself and the people around you up high who get carried away, initially by your being dreamers. . Your way of seeing the world makes you live in a dream and makes everyone feel special.

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Those who can be burned by this way of being are only you who, to dream too much without ever keeping your feet on the ground, inevitably leads you to be disappointed.

A peaceful face

If the first thing that struck you is a peaceful face then you are people who always look forward and reserve a place for everyone, you know how to keep balance in a group of people and you are a calm reference for everyone. You feel really good when everything is in its place and what you tolerate little is moments of stress.

What sends you into crisis are the unexpected and for this reason you always try to organize everything but keep in mind that in general in life and then in love many unexpected events can happen. Loving means letting go and if you don’t do it seriously you risk missing out on the best part.

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