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A Taiwanese officer was found dead in his hotel room, Ou Yang Li-hsing: was the deputy head of the Chung-Shan National Institute of Science and Technology, an agency of the Ministry of Defense, and chief missile expert. At the moment the authorities are investigating the causes of death, even if it seems that the man was seized by a heart attack. In short, the 57-year-old would have died of a heart attack. But no other leads are excluded.

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It also appears that the hotel room in which the body was found showed no sign of “intrusion”. Therefore, no one would have forced his way into the room. The officer’s family then said that Li-hsing had already had problems with heart disease. Ou Yang – as reported by the Messenger – was in the southern county of Pingtung for a business travel.

Meanwhile, tensions between Taiwan and China are rising after the visit of the speaker of the American House, Nancy Pelosi, to Taipei. The gesture, considered by Beijing as a terrible threat, prompted the Chinese to start military exercises with ships and planes right around the island. Some of Beijing’s means have even surpassed the midline of the Taiwan Strait.

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