When Dharmendra jumped in front of the leopard without thinking for a stunt, something like this happened ahead

When Dharmendra jumped in front

Legend Dharmendra himself used to do dangerous scenes and stunts in his films. So at the same time Sunny Deol himself used to complete dangerous scenes of his films. In an interview, Sunny Deol and Dharmendra narrated their own stories. Dharmendra had told a shocking anecdote in which he told that once during the shooting he jumped in front of the panther. He had an encounter with a panther and somehow saved himself that day. The special thing was that Dharmendra’s birthday was also on that day.


At the same time, Sunny Deol had also told that once he had jumped from 11 thousand feet for a stunt. Later he told his friend not to tell Papa about this. When Sunny Deol was narrating about this incident, Dharmendra had said- ‘Aise Mein Jatt’s guts come out.’


Dharmendra had said- ‘Jatt people’s guts work more, brain works less. This happened to me once as well. I also say that if I do this then what will happen? I went in front of the Panthers in a movie. His mouth was open. It was December 8, my birthday.’


He further told- ‘I had to pack up in the evening, before that this scene had to be done. There was a pit of 14 feet in which the panther fell. The camera was on the crane upwards, so the director said – Dharam ji jump! Don’t know how I jumped into that moment without thinking. I had a stick at that time and nothing else.


Dharmendra had further told- ‘His mouth was open, so I put that stick in his mouth. He was chewing on it and had come a long way. Blood was also coming out of his mouth. I was holding the stick with both hands and was saying throw the cage. I was abusing him that why I came, as soon as I threw the cage, he went into it. I sat on the side again and thought that it was my birthday, the party was going to give the warty that day, the money was brought. I was thinking that you had celebrated my birthday today.


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