Why a Pakistani Brigadier said, we should attack India with a nuclear bomb

Why a Pakistani Brigadier said

There has never been a benign relationship between India and Pakistan. Whether it was about the partition of the country or the bloodshed of the population on both sides after the partition. Whether there was an attack of Pakistani army in the form of tribals in Kashmir or the battle of 65 and 71. Kargil war, Parliament attack, Mumbai attack… the list is long.


When Pakistan could not win in a direct war, it started an indirect war by resorting to terrorism, which continues even today. Today’s anecdote is a chapter from the book “A Modest Proposal from the Brigadier: Why One Prominent Pakistani Thinks His Country Should Do with Its Atomic Weapons” by Peter Landsman, an American journalist and the book “India vs Pakistan” by Hussain Haqqani, former ambassador of Pakistan to the US. Excerpted from: Why We Can’t Be Friends”.


In 2002, Peter Landsman, an American journalist, went on a visit to Pakistan. Here he met Brigadier Amanullah, who had worked in the Pakistani Military Intelligence. After retiring from the army, the Brigadier was working for the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto. The two met at Benazir’s Islamabad House. There Peter’s eyes fell on a painting of a large in which a rocket was seen flying. He curiously asked Amanullah about it and got the answer, it is a nuclear warhead which is going towards India. Peter thought it was a joke but seeing the anger and gesture of the Brigadier’s face, he realized that it was sarcastic and had been engraved in the picture.


The matter became more serious when the Brigadier told Peter that Pakistan should attack India with an atomic bomb. He also said that this attack should not be retaliatory but should be a first. Amanullah also said that we should take over their Delhi, Bombay and Calcutta by conducting a nuclear attack. They also counter-attack and capture our city like Lahore, Karachi. Kill a million or a million people. We should teach them (India) a lesson.


Not only this, the Brigadier also told Peter that India is responsible for the poverty, illiteracy, hunger and misery prevailing in Pakistan. In March 2016, Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs Adviser Sartaj Aziz had said that the biggest threat to the region is not terrorism. This is the reason why Pakistan is not going back in the matter of nuclear program nor is it ready to reduce its nuclear bombs. Aziz had also said that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons were like a defense against India.


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