Why do you bat for the government? Shoaib Jamai started asking Amish Devgan, a heated argument ensued

Why do you bat for the government

In News18 India’s live debate, panelist Shoaib Jamai took a jibe at Amish Devgan and asked, ‘Why do you bat for the government?’ Amish Devgan was also seen giving a befitting reply to this question asked by the panelists in the debate.


The Amish were asking sharp questions to the panelists about the Taliban when Islamic scholar Shoaib Jamai started questioning the Amish Devgan in reverse in the debate show. He said- ‘You tell me, you keep supporting the saffron Talibanis sitting here?’ Amish Devgan’s reaction to this comes to the fore and he says ‘Bhagwa Talibani?’


On this the panelists start asking Amish Devgan- ‘You told me Talibani Prem Gang! If I ask the question to the government, don’t save the government my brother! Let the government ask questions.


Amish Devgan says about this- ‘There is no saffron government. Saffron is not Talibani. You are associating the colors with the talisman, if you do this, then think what color will come. That’s why you have used the word saffron Talibani, it reflects your thinking. That reflects your thoughts and discussions. Shoaib Jamai complains and says- ‘I can officially ask questions. You don’t let me ask questions!’


Amish Devgan says in response- ‘Are you asking questions? Every day you ask the same question. Today I have asked you why do you support Taliban? Don’t tell me. Shoaib turns around and starts saying to Amish Devgan- ‘Why do you bat for the government?’


Amish says in response- ‘I bat for the country and will continue to do so. Your problem is Shoaib bhai that you don’t have answers to tough questions. You try to run here and there, but you got stuck, today you will not be able to escape. I don’t need to tell who is batting for whom. The country is watching. Batting Bowling is ready to do all for the Taliban! You are ready to field.


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