Will Totti and Ilary get back together? “I don’t rule it out.” The confession of his friend Alex Nuccetelli that makes fans dream

A bustle of rumors and photos that run after each other without denials or confirmations. Undisputed stars of the summer 2022 Francesco Totti, Ilary Blasi, Noemi Bocchi and also the friend pr of the pupone Alex Nuccetelli. And he, the cupid of the former Giallorossi captain, returns to talk about the story that ended after 20 years between Totti and Ilary.

Guest of l’Estate in Diretta, the Rai Uno talk conducted by Gianluca Semprini and Roberta Capua, Alex returned to tell the truth, his own, of the end of the marriage between the former king and queen of Rome.

Francesco Totti, Noemi Bocchi spotted at Circeo. “She was on the beach sunbathing, then she got on a yacht”

Totti and Ilary, how are the relations?

How is Francesco at the moment?asked the Capua without turning around. These are moments in the life that we have all spent a little bit – Alex’s answer -, we never find ourselves at the best. He and Ilary must find the balance of ex-husband and ex-wife. The top priority is given to you have children and therefore they will protect those above all. Alba Parietti, commentator of the talk, also intervened: “I am very sorry for them. You need to have common sense, separations are always enormous grief. Francesco has a lot of soul, he is a very respectable person, he has great empathy. He wants to be a good father. What children want, in the end, is to continue to have balance. Maybe they have more of it with two separated parents who get along well and are at peace. In these cases, after such a long marriage, the faults are always fifty percent

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Amendola-Neri like Totti and Blasi: the couple breaks out in the summer. “He has already left the family home”

Did Totti go to Noemi’s house with Isabel? The truth of Nuccetelli

Semprini returned to the gossip he threw, perhaps more mud on the figure of Totti, and that is on the rumor according to which he took Isabel to Noemi’s house to go unnoticed in the eyes of the paparazzi. What does Totti think of this?“. Alex replied without hesitation: “I categorically exclude such a thing. Francesco is a careful person with children and I don’t think they are put in the middle of such a situation. He does not want to create upheavals, it is the only thing he is relying on and he wants to pass this on to his wife as well.

Totti in Sabaudia without Ilary and Noemi Bocchi at Circeo (not far away): paparazzi on the hunt for the new flame

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And the videos of the three in the same room?

Then again the journalist shows the offending videos in which, last October, Totti, Ilary and Noemi are seen in the same room: I repeat: Francesco and Noemi first met at a padel tournament. Just met, not that they dated. Then I spent five evenings in that club and Noemi was there every night. Pure fantasy to think that Totti wanted Noemi there when Ilary was also thereexplained Nuccetelli.

Totti in Sabaudia, Noemi Bocchi at Circeo a few kilometers from him: and Ilary is blocked in Rome for a clause. The latest gossip

But will Totti and Ilary get back together?

Alba Parietti intervenes by igniting the doubts: I have seen all the colors, so nothing is excluded. This will not be the case …. But then there was a parenthesis in which there was talk of flashbacks: so Stefano De Martino and Belen Rodriguez become protagonists.

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Will Totti and Ilary be back together too?asked the conductors. This cannot be ruled outNot even Nuccetelli can say a flat no to this hypothesis.

Even if the photos of Noemi at Circeo, while Totti is in Sabaudia, and those of him coming out of the blonde lady’s house a few days ago do not give us hope, but we are still allowed to dream.

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