William and Kate, the violation of the rules causes a sensation: “He did everything”

Once again we talk about William and Kate, this time because of a clear break with what is the strict royal protocol.

The Dukes of Cambridge together
The Dukes of Cambridge together (Instagram photo)


William and Kate, you know, they are two very popular characters in the UK. Queen Elizabeth’s nephew and her wife are even at the top of the preference list of her Majesty’s subjects in terms of their desire to see them succeed the sovereign. This, however, cannot happen because the line of succession foresees that Charles and Camilla will have to ascend the throne before them.

So William and Kate will have to wait, and then one day it will be up to their eldest son George – who is currently 9 – to put the crown on his head. The wait does not weigh at all on the couple, who have always thought about representing the best the Windsors around the world.

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And we know that the real protocol requires them to assume certain attitudes and certain behaviors. This is true both as regards the clothing to choose and the ways of behaving. But this time, a bit surprisingly, it is William who made an exception. It has usually happened that it was Kate who broke – in a slight way – the royal rules.

William and Kate, what he did

This time, however, an enthusiastic William could not resist and had to completely ignore the label. And the thing is not displeased to anyone, quite the contrary. The son of Charles and the unforgettable Princess Diana did something that everyone really liked.

Thanks to the recent success of the England women’s football team, who beat Germany in the final with a goal in extra time. This success earned the national team the first triumph since the World Cup back in 1966. It’s since then that the British haven’t raised a trophy in regards to their selection. They had come close with Euro 2020, but Italy got the better of penalties.

And it matters little that it was the women who gave back luster to the Three Lions. The joy for this victory was overwhelming. To the point that William hugged every footballer to express their joy. This is something never seen before. The official regulation imposed on members of the Royal Family requires that you grant a maximum handshake.

But Will went further, and this warm push of his did not cause a scandal at all, quite the contrary. To the point that even the British press has stressed several times how this attitude of him was useful in making the Royal Family even more popular even abroad. Even Kate liked him. And it is to be sworn that even Queen Elizabeth will have appreciated what her nephew did on her own initiative.

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