Withdraw these sausages from sale: salmonella risk

The Ministry of Health never rests. Even in the summer, the dicastery employees continue to check food and recall it.

Salmonella risk sausages
Sausage (Photo Ministry of Health)

Eat the meat of pig in the summer, until recently, it really was impossible. It was another world, but not that far from ours. Up to 40 years ago, in fact, this animal was made to gain weight well beyond their natural growth and, as a consequence, the fat was deposited throughout the body. Estimates tell of an accumulation of 10 cm of adipose tissue under the rind.

A problem that still remains today is the possibility, albeit remote, of contracting the tapeworm. This is an intestinal infection due to the ingestion of contaminated pork. The worms can cause mild gastrointestinal symptoms or the expulsion of a mobile segment in the stool. This cysticercosis is usually asymptomatic, but if it invades the central nervous system it can cause seizures and several other neurological signs. For avoid all this, it is a good rule not to eat this meat rare, but well cooked. But in the last few hours you have to pay close attention to sausages …

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Recall the sausages of Salumificio F.lli Cavallo

salmonella danger alarm sausages
Sausages on the barbecue (Photo by jacqueline macou from Pixabay)

After a day at the beach, eating a sandwich or some fruit, in the evening we tend to eat more. Especially when you are in the company of friends and relatives and spend evenings full of joy and barbecue, where the sausages. But this pork sausage must be very careful because some of these have been call back by the Ministry of Health.

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These are the sausages produced by Salumificio F.lli Cavallo. It is a product sold tied in strings, loose or packaged in ATM (modified atmosphere) by the weight of 504 grams. As stated in the reference 1827 of the Dicastery of Lungotevere Ripa the lot concerned is the 220726UE whose deadline is August 5. The reason of the recall is the “microbiological risk: possible presence of salmonellosis spp“. The same press release, issued on the Ministry of Health website (salute.gov.it) then reads: “It is recommended to do not consume sausages with the reported lot number and return it to the store“.

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