Women are insecure in the country, so why are Modi’s fans? Congress leader gave such answer on the question of news anchor, applause started

Women are insecure in the country

During the block chief elections of Uttar Pradesh, a case of pulling a sari with Samajwadi Party leader Anita Yadav came to light in Lakhimpur Kheri. The BJP had come under the opposition’s target on this issue. Congress leader Supriya Shrinet also spoke on this matter in ABP’s program ‘Shikhar Sammelan’, as well as surrounded the government on women’s safety. In the program, he was asked that if women are so insecure then why do they vote for Modi? Even after answering this, Supriya Shrinet did not back down.


Talking about Lakhimpur Kheri, Supriya Shrinet said, “During elections in 2021, a woman is chirped, but not even a single moment comes out of the mouth of the MP, who has now become a minister. You will question Sonia Gandhi. But nothing will be said about where such a heinous crime has taken place. I think the issue of women’s safety is not SP vs Congress or BJP, but a bigger matter. And the elected government should answer it.”


On Supriya Shrinet’s talk, the news anchor questioned, “If women are so insecure then why do they vote for BJP? Why are women voters Modi’s fans? Why is Modi’s popularity increasing so much if women feel so insecure?



Replying to this, Supriya Shrinet said, “You have a network, which had shown a survey a year ago and now that how many people want Modi ji to be the Prime Minister. In August 2020, it was 66 percent, but in 2021 it has come down to just 24 percent. When only Modi ji is seen on TV for 24 hours.



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