WWE: Tic Toc! Karrion Kross returns and demolishes Drew McIntyre by sending a message to Reigns

The wind in WWE has been changing for a couple of weeks now, with the retirement of Vince McMahon and the alternation with Triple H in the creative management of the shows, several innovations have arrived and others are expected. Right from the start there was talk of possible returns, especially of those Superstars who had done well at NXT under the guidance of The Game, one of these is Karrion Kross who surprisingly made his return to the main roster tonight.

Matter of time

At the end of SmackDown the Bloodline took the way to the ring, Roman Reigns took the microphone to talk about the Clash for the Castle match against Drew McIntyre, but the Scotsman promptly interrupted the champion saying he couldn’t wait any longer to get his hands on him. As McIntyre was about to walk towards the ring it rang out “Fall and Pray”the theme of Karrion Kross e Scarlett she appeared on stage causing the Scot’s distraction who was brutally attacked from behind by the 2-time NXT champion. The assault continued under the eyes of the Bloodline, which Kross then turned with his eyes, while Scarlett placed an hourglass in the ring sending a clear message to Roman Reigns.

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This time the stint on the main roster started off on the right foot, first of all Kross will be accompanied by Scarlett as at NXT with the characteristic entry between the smoke and the black and white television, moreover he has abandoned the attire and the mask that had distinguished his last appearances in WWE and aroused a lot of hilarity among fans and insiders. We will see what Kross’ next steps will be, for sure it will take some time before all the grains of sand come down to aim for the Undisputed Universal WWE Title and a reaction from McIntyre is to be expected starting next week.

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