Xbox has canceled one of the most popular games of the moment

Once upon a time there was a video game released on the Microsoft Xbox Store. A title that, however, has been eliminated and without too much fanfare directly from the company. However, if you believe you have lost a pearl that will never come back, we feel obliged to reassure you. You haven’t missed anything.

Because the story it is repeated on the Microsoft platform store is not that of a nice game with problems but of a commercial operation which is, fortunately, wrecked even if other similar operations continue.

Xbox has canceled one of the most famous games of the moment (photo: Xbox)

What has disappeared is indeed a game from rambling title and from the even more absurd mechanics that tried to play on the desire of many fans of the Microsoft platform to have a taste of Kratos, which we know is Playstation exclusive and therefore will never see.

War Gods Zeus of Child is the Xbox game you didn’t know you didn’t want

We decided to keep a joking tone about this story even if maybe there is nothing to laugh about except for the madness of the title chosen by a development team that has now made a name for itself because exploits in a manner illegitimate characters and dynamics of other famous products and characters.

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Xbox has canceled one of the most popular games of the moment
Xbox has canceled one of the most famous games of the moment (Photo: Microsoft official site)

The development team in question is called Dolaka LTD and has several video games to his credit that are actually clumsy copies of great characters. The game in which a model of Kratos was forcibly pushed was called War Gods Zeus of Child. But there is also a game called Dinasaur Falling Survival identical to Fall Guys, a copy of Super Mario entitled Classic Platformer Mariones and then an action hybrid in which Devil May Cry echoes and which is called Shooter Garenattacks.

Microsoft has moved in this case quickly but there are, unfortunately, many development teams whose sole purpose is to earn quickly creating cheap copies of the most famous and often expensive titles. And in addition to copyright infringements, in particular with regard to pc games and smartphone apps, there are also risks for safety, as it is often not lazy developers who produce these games but companies that use them to spread malware.

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