You believe that you are the king of Bollywood – Bigg Boss contestant Divya lashed out at Karan Johar, ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ was also debated

You believe that you are the king of Bollywood

Bigg Boss, the show that rocked the TV world, is making a splash on the OTT platform Voot these days. The contestants in the show are competing to outdo each other. While Salman Khan used to host the upcoming TV show Bigg Boss, Karan Johar is hosting OTT’s Big Boss. But recently, Bigg Boss contestant Divya Aggarwal had a rift with host Karan Johar on the show, due to which she also appeared very angry with the filmmaker. Talking about Karan Johar, he said that he thinks he is the king of Bollywood.


Actually, on Sunday, Karan Johar had warned Divya Agarwal in the episode of Weekend Ka Vaar that if she cannot give her respect, then do not take her name in the house. The film’s producer lashed out at Divya Aggarwal and said, “Bigg Boss has called you as a contestant and me as a host. So this line will always be here.”


Divya Aggarwal expressed displeasure on this matter of Karan Johar. Talking about this, Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh said that Karan Johar has no right to talk to him like this. Along with this, the actress took a jibe at the filmmaker and said that she will not change herself according to people’s perspective.



While talking to Akshara Singh, Divya Aggarwal also made many allegations against Karan Johar. He said, “Karan Johar has spoken such things about me, due to which I have to suffer here. Then why should I not shout, why not speak, who will spoil what? I am an artist and I will continue my work, if not here then elsewhere.”


Lashing out at Karan Johar, Divya Agral further said, “If you believe that you are the king of Bollywood, then every word that comes out of your mouth, people hear, understand. Obviously people will believe what you say. So how can you say that about me?” Let us tell you that even before this, Karan Johar had reprimanded Divya Agarwal for taking the show lightly.


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