You vote for me, I will give you sticks- Congress leader attacked PM Modi when there was lathi charge on farmers, former IAS also taunted

You vote for me, I will give you sticks

In Karnal district of Haryana, farmers protesting against the BJP meeting were lathi-charged. The BJP government has once again come under attack in this matter. Rakesh Tikait, leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union, who is leading the farmers’ movement, expressed displeasure over the matter, and also accused the government of conspiring. On the other hand, Congress leader Srinivas Biwi has also tweeted about the lathi charge on farmers, in which he targeted PM Modi fiercely.


In his tweet, Congress leader Srinivas Biwi shared a picture of a bleeding farmer. Taking a jibe at PM Narendra Modi, he wrote, “Dear Prime Minister, do you have the courage to look in his eyes and say ‘You vote for me, I will give you sticks’?” Social media users also commented fiercely on this tweet of the Congress leader.


Responding to Srinivas Biwi’s tweet, a user named Diwakar wrote, “Farmers work hard and give the crop growing in the fields. The BJP government bleeds them with sticks when they demand their rights.” One user wrote, “Then blood has been shed for the farmer, the head of India bowed in shame.” Taking a dig at BJP and RSS, a user wrote, “Is this the picture of New India, which you were telling the public.”



Apart from Congress leader Srinivas Biwi, former IAS Surya Pratap Singh also expressed his displeasure by tweeting on the matter. Sharing a picture of a farmer, he wrote, “Their fault is just that they believe in democracy. The farmer who nourishes the country with his sweat, today the earth is red with his blood. Wow Sarkar, your performance is also amazing.



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